MSYSA Junior State Cup Game Report

Spring 2023
To be submitted by the Center Referee for each match.
REMINDER: This form is ONLY for Junior State Cup matches (NOT Directors Academy, State Cup or MSPSP games)!
Click on the appropriate game number range below and a new field with specific game numbers will appear.

1. Game Number & Center Referee

2. Assistant Referees

3. Match Information

Reminder: You must also complete an Incident Report in to report injuries.

4. Home Team Information

5. Away Team Information


Viewable by AR1, AR2, Home and Away Teams as well as MSYSA

7. Attachments

8. Terms of Service and Submit

Upon submission, the Center Referee will receive a link to an electronic Game Report for completion. After the Center Referee has completed and electronically signed the report, the document will be automatically routed to the Assistant Referees and representatives from each particiapting team for signature. After all signatures are collected, the document will be automatically filed with MSYSA.